Raising Kids in a Digital Age

Kids in a Digital Age

Canadian homes are full of screen media - TV’s, DVD players, computers, and gaming consoles - and more and more time is spent viewing screen media and absorbing its messages. Whether you live in a big city such as Vancouver or a small town such as Revelstoke, we have 24/7 access to all the good, the bad, and the ugly that the world has to offer.

Screens play a big part in the daily lives of both school age and very young children. Kids today are the first generation to grow up in this digital world. The media’s influence has never been so powerful, and raising children in a ‘digital age’ presents parents with both opportunity and challenges.

About Us

‘Screen Smart’ is a broad based community education initiative designed to help families better understand how screen media - TV, computers and the internet, - may influence their lives, and suggest ways that parents and children can best manage media at home and at school.

Our Goals

  1. Provide parents with information on how media affects child development.
  2. Suggest ways families can better manage media at home; and,
  3. Recommend healthy alternatives to ‘screen time’ available in our community.

About this site

This website gives parents research-based information on how ‘screen time’ affects the lives of children at various ages and stages of their development – the Early Years, Screens and Health, School Success, and Internet Safety. Each page provides recommendations from doctors, educators, and child development experts on how best to manage ‘screen time’ at home, and suggests other things that you and your children can do in our community.

The Resources page features articles on the role screen media plays in different areas of children’s lives. These short articles are written by professionals and childcare experts living and working in our community. Screen Smart brochures are also available here for download. The Events page provides information on upcoming speakers, activities, and events in Revelstoke.